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"Bright Ravine"
Svetlojarsk map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Grid Reference139 021
Svetlojarsk 4a.png
A View of Svetloyarsk
Hd sign svetloyarsk.png
Small City

Svetloyarsk, previously Svetlojarsk, - commonly refered to as "Svet" or "Svetlo" for short - is the most north-eastern city in Chernarus, with only the tiny village of Berezhki and its neighbor Belaya Polana to the north.


Svetloyarsk is a medium-sized city, and it is far from the largest in Chernarus, but despite this, it includes an expansive harbor situated squarely on Guba Bay, similar in size to the one at Berezino. Further in the town center lies a large church and a military statue, as well as a water pump.

As one of the northernmost spawns, Svetloyarsk experiences its fair share of Survivor traffic. With a significant amount of loot available in the houses within the town, it will likely sustain a player on their trip further inland towards Krasnostav and Novodmitrovsk.

Buildings of Interest[]