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Video Rules[]

Just wanted to ask what the current rules are about posting videos. Are they now considered spam? There is atleast a harsher stance on them, but i would like it written out. It's not like i want to spam here, but people found them useful so far. -- Shinsasu

become an active user of the wiki and you can post your videos here, if they are of good quality and match the articel (short, correct infos and helpfull)--TheBlackDracula (talk)


Can someone who is able to edit this page make a link to the magazine page here? Would make it a lot easier for visitors --Basinox (talk) 23:07, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

German Translation for DayZ Standalone[]

Hi, i'd like to create a german Translation of the DayZ Standalone Wiki. The existing german translation is only for the Arma 2 DayZ Mod. KloblMuki (talk)

the wiki is for both games, but you can of course add content there--TheBlackDracula (talk)


Moved to Help:YouTube--TheBlackDracula (talk)

Removed Items[]

As I'm sure most of you are aware, 0.49 is coming with a server-wide character wipe for the entire Standalone Game; because of this, all items removed from the Loot tables (such as the Tactical Vest or 12 Gauge Slug) will effectivley be completley removed from the game when this happens. What should we do about this? Keep removed items in the list, or make a new Category for removed Items from the game? I wouldnt get rid of the pages completley, incase thease things return in future updates. --Lanthire (talk) 22:30, 26 August 2014 (UTC)

I will make a Removed category for items like the radio and such which where once in the standalone but have been removed --Basinox (talk) 13:06, 27 August 2014 (UTC)

Made Removed Gear --Basinox (talk) 16:24, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

recent data mine[]

The recent data mine showed some intresting data. But it also showed data for new items. Should these items be noted? --Basinox (talk) 20:55, 8 September 2014 (UTC)


I think that the main page Navigation is not as intuitive as it can be and could be improved with minor rework. --AnotherArk (talk) 17:53, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

I think its better now that we no longer have 'Survival' and 'Survival (WIP)', as they shared a lot of the same content, including link names like 'Health' and 'Health WIP' which offered no indication as to what their content is.
I'll likely post few other suggestion in the feature, but at this point i only want to note that the stable\experimental version need an urgent update.--AnotherArk (talk) 05:03, 21 October 2014 (UTC)
On a minor note, dont forget that "Chernarus+" on the front page still needs to loose the "+" after we changed the page name a few months back. --Lanthire (talk) 23:29, 21 October 2014 (UTC)
but chernarus+ is the officiall name for the game map in contrast to the normal mod map chernarus--TheBlackDracula (talk)

Survival (WIP)[]

Can we replace this tab with a community tab that links to pages like Terminology, Removed Gear, and Developers? I personaly think that tab would be of more use --Basinox (talk) 09:41, 12 October 2014 (UTC)

but we wouldnt need the tips and tricks tab anymore then? any ideas for that?--TheBlackDracula (talk)
I would keep it but expand it with the Navigating and Survival Tactics links as these are more tips than actual ingame objects like Hunting or Loot --Basinox (talk) 12:10, 12 October 2014 (UTC)

I'd really like to say hello.[]

Hello almost all I'm nev in this article, and I'd like to state howdy to all or any older users: ).

Icrafted a banana on a stick[]

What is the point??

Food in 1.0[]

I think that we should delete uses in food generals,since 1.0 there is no uses number.

Update the versions.[]

Can someone update the current and experimental versions so they are up to date?

Please update the game versions on the front-page.[]

And keep them up to date, or give other people the option to.

24 active editors[]

Please change that to 25 since I am pretty active and would like to be put there Co0L DuDe606 (talk)

Page with community server info?[]

Is it fine to create a page with a list of modded content that are currently active on a community server? Irvnriir1578 (talk) 03:44, 5 May 2020 (UTC)

Hey, unfortunately we don't accommodate modded content on this wiki, and we don't allow any community or server related content. We will definitely have a discussion about a page where CFG content can be introduced if server owners are interested, but we'd prefer to keep this content off main pages. Lasyen (talk) 23:20, 5 May 2020 (UTC)

Didn't mean "main pages" and don't know what "CFG" mean, but got enough answer, thanks :) . Irvnriir1578 (talk) 09:12, 6 May 2020 (UTC)


Somebody please delete the "Rizzler" section[]

Somebody vandalized the 'guts' page and possibly others. I have reverted the changes on the 'guts' page but need help deleting and reverting some other changes.