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Taloon Backpack
Violet Taloon Backpack
The violet variant of the taloon backpack found in DayZ.
Item slots: 25
Rarity: Somewhat uncommon

The taloon backpack is one of the smallest backpacks that appears in DayZ.[1]

The taloon backpack has a capacity of twenty-five slots in a five by five square grid and is somewhat uncommon. It comes in blue, green, orange and violet variants.[2] The bright colour schemes of the taloon backpacks make for poor camouflage in the wilderness of Chernarus+. The backpack is of moderate size, which does not greatly increase the player's silhouette compared to the larger backpacks.


  • Blue taloon backpack
  • Green taloon backpack
  • Orange taloon backpack
  • Violet taloon backpack

Image gallery

Taloon backpack blue An blue taloon backpack in pristine condition.

Violet Taloon Backpack An violet taloon backpack in pristine condition.

Taloon backpack orange An orange taloon backpack in pristine condition.

Taloon backpack green An green taloon backpack in pristine condition.

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