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Tarnow is a widespread, spaced-out city located in the north-eastern region of Livonia.

General[ | ]

Due to the cities' semi-far reach, it can be said that this city acts as two, with both a southern and northern region; similar to Berezino in Chernogorsk. The city will have loot to suit the needs of a Survivor but the prevalence of Banditss should be noted. The city faired well against the Infected by virtue of close proximity to major military areas, such as Borek and the Krisnik Military Zone. It may not look as large as some nearby cities such as Grabin, and Sitnik, but rest assured it has all the supplies one can need. Even hosting the only Fire Station in the whole eastern side of Livonia.

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Trivia[ | ]

Tarnow is the only place in the eastern cities of Livonia to be home to a Firestation, in fact it has one of three in the whole map.