Infobox template for Location pages. Place the following template at the top of the article, below any page management templates:


Hd sign krasnostav.png
An example of a road sign as would be pictured.

All parameters are required unless otherwise specified. Blank parameters will revert to Unknown or blank.

Name Description
name Optional: The name of the location (for non-English pages only, otherwise leave blank).
russian Optional: The location name in cyrillic script as seen in-game.
translation Optional: The location name's meaning in English. To be surrounded by " " e.g. "North City".
map The map image name: For example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
category The category that the location falls in e.g. Towns and Cities
coords The 6-digit co-ordinates of the location's center. Found in DZ>worlds>mapname>world>config.cpp or on a website such as [1].
type Optional: The type of settlement. Choose from Large City, Small City, Small City Livonia, Town, Village, Hamlet, Ruins
view The highest-quality and most representative image of the location: For example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
sign Optional: Overrides the pagename and manually adds a sign. Width should be 250px in almost all cases. For example: [[Hd_sign_dubky.png|250px|center]]

By default, if a file with the name Hd_sign_{{PAGENAME}}.png exists, it we be automatically rendered as part of the infobox.

Empty Template

Empty template with the most commonly used parameters, for quick copy & paste to be used on new pages:

|name= <!-- for use with non-English pages only -->
|map= [[File: |300px|center]]
<!-- General -->
<!-- View -->
|img= [[File: |300px|center]]
|sign= [[File: |250px|center]]
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