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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)(view · edit · purge)
Name Description
name The name of the magazine (for non-English pages only, otherwise leave blank).
image The image name: For example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
version The version in full notation. Invalid example: 0.00.000000
category The Category of the specific item. For example: Handgun Magazines or Rifle Magazines
size The amount of space required to fit the item into the player's inventory. Format: HorizontalxVertical e.g. 2x2
capacity Capacity of this item. Format: # of Rounds (Type of Ammo) e.g. 75 Rounds (7.62x39mm)
weapon Compatible Weapons for this magazine.
weight Weight of that item in grams.
absorbency The amount of water the item will soak up. 0% means waterproof, higher numbers means the item will absorb more water.
location Where the item can be found.
rarity How likely it is to find the item.
colours Optional. Leave blank if none.
variant Optional. Leave blank if none.
description In-game description of the item.

Empty Template

Empty template with the most commonly used parameters, for quick copy & paste to be used on new pages:

{{Magazine Template
| name        = <!-- for use with non-English pages only -->
| image       = AlpherPlaceholder.png
| version     = 0.00.000000
<!-- General -->
| category    = 
| size        = 
| capacity    = 
| weapon      =
| weight      = 
| absorbency  = 
<!-- Occurrence -->
| location    = 
| rarity      = 
| colours     =
| variant     = 
<!-- Description-->
| description = 


Magazine Template
Category Magazines > Rifle
Size 2x2 (4 Slots)
Capacity 75 Rounds (7.62x39mm)
Weapon(s) AKM
Weight 14 g
Absorbency Unknown
Locations Military East
Rarity Very Rare
Colours Black, Green
Variants None
75 round drum magazine for AKM.
~ In-game description
Documentation transcluded from Template:Magazine Template/doc.