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The following parameters default to Unknown: wtype, cartridge, size, weight, zeroing, location, rarity

Name Description Format Notes
name The name of the weapon. Text This should only be used for non-English pages. Leaving it blank will auto-fill the page name.
image The image name. ImageName.ext Do not use wiki markup, just plain text. Example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
wtype The category of the weapon. Text As of 1.0, there is Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle
cartridge The round(s) used by this weapon. [[AmmoName]] Link to the ammo's wiki page
repair If this weapon can be repaired, which tool(s) can be used [[ToolName]] Link to the tool's wiki page
size The amount of space required to fit the weapon into the player's inventory. Dimensions Format: HorizontalxVertical e.g. 2x2
weight Weight of the weapon in grams. Number The template will automatically add the grams (g) symbol.
absorbency How much water the weapon absorbs. Number This value is a percentage. The template will automatically add the percent (%) symbol. Almost every weapon in DayZ has an absorbency of 0%, so leaving this blank is recommended.
internalmag If the weapon has an internal magazine, the amount of rounds that can be chambered. Number
firemodes If multiple firemodes are available, what they are. Text As of 1.0, there is Single, Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic
range Approximate leathal range of this firearm. Number (Meters) WIP. Gathering values from the ammoConfig's InitSpeed
rateoffire The approximate number of rounds that can be fired per minute. Number (Rounds per Minute)
dexterity How quickly the weapon can be swung left and right while raised. Number
recoil Approximate strength of the weapon's recoil (1 shot) Text WIP. For now these will need to be an estimate based on in-game use. The strength should be relative to other weapons in the same class as this one (e.g. the Makarov's recoil value should be relative to other pistols, the UMP to other SMGs, etc.). Use Low, Average and Strong
noise How loud the weapon is when fired. Text WIP. Will use "audible" value from ammoConfig file and come up with a formula. For now use Quiet, Loud and Extremely Loud
zeroing If the weapon can be zeroed, distance range and increments. Number Range(Meters) @ Increments(Meters) Example: 100 - 900 @ 50m
magazines The magazine(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[MagName]] Link to the magazine's wiki page
optics The scope(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[OpticName]] Link to the scope's wiki page
buttstocks The buttstock(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[ButtstockName]] Link to the buttstock's wiki page
handguards The handguard(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[HandguardName]] Link to the handguard's wiki page
muzzles The muzzle device(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[MuzzleName]] Link to the muzzle device's wiki page
illumination The light source(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[LightName]] Link to the light source's wiki page
bipods The bipod(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[BipodName]] Link to the bipod's wiki page
bayonets The bayonet(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[BayonetName]] Link to the bayonet's wiki page
underslung The underslung attachment(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[UnderslungName]] Link to the underslung attachment's wiki page
wraps The wrap(s) (if any) used by this weapon. [[WrapName]] Link to the wrap's wiki page
location Where the weapon can be found. Text
rarity How likely it is to find the weapon. Text* *Common, Uncommon, Rare (Rarity values are currently a WIP)
variant If there are multiple colors or types or if this weapon can be spray painted Text Optional. Leave blank if none.
description In-game description of the weapon. Text Should be copied from languagecore/stringtable.csv

Empty Template

Copy and paste this onto new or existing weapons pages. If you are unsure of a specific value, leave it blank.

| name		= 
| image		= 
<!--- General --->
| version       = 
| wtype		= 
| cartridge	= 
| repair	= 
<!--- Characteristics --->
| size		= 
| weight	= 
| absorbency	=  
| internalmag   = 
<!--- Performance --->
| firemodes	= 
| range		= 
| rateoffire	= 
| dexterity	= 
| recoil	= 
| noise		= 
| zeroing	= 
<!--- Attachments --->
| magazines	= 
| optics	= 
| buttstocks	= 
| handguards	= 
| muzzles	= 
| illumination	= 
| bipods	= 
| bayonets	= 
| underslung	= 
| wraps		= 
<!--- Occurrence --->
| location	= 
| rarity	= 
| variant	= 
<!-- Description --> 
| description	=