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Infobox template for Vegetation pages. Place the following template at the top of the article, below any page management templates:


Unless stated otherwise, all parameters should be left blank and will default to Unknown.

Name Description
name The name of the plant (for non-English pages only, otherwise leave blank).
image The image name: For example: AlpherPlaceholder.png
category The category of the specific plant. For example: Landscape or Player-Grown
growtime How long it takes to complete one life cycle of this plant.
stages How many stages make up this plant's life cycle.
crops How many fruits or vegetables are produced by this plant each life cycle.
byproduct Any other items produced with each life cycle of this plant, aside from crops.
location Where the plant can be found.

Empty Template

Empty template with the most commonly used parameters, for quick copy & paste to be used on new pages:

{{Vegetation Template
| name        = <!-- for use with non-English pages only -->
| image       = AlpherPlaceholder.png
<!-- General -->
| category    = 
<!-- Properties -->
| growtime    = 
| stages      = 
| crops       = 
| byproduct   = 
<!-- Occurrence -->
| location    = 


Vegetation Template
AshwoodTree 4a.jpg
Category Vegetation > Landscape
Location(s) Across Chernarus
Documentation transcluded from Template:Vegetation Template/doc.