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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Three Valleys.

Three Valleys (Russian: Три Долины, Tri Doliny) is a large area of natural beauty stemming from the eastern coast of South Zagoria. The area has become one of the most iconic areas of the map due to its prevalence as a spawn point for many survivors.

General[ | ]

Three Valleys stems from a small pass formed by two unnamed hills, a large one south of Solnechny (host to a small radio tower) and another small, gentle hill sloping south-west towards Tulga. As the lower-elevated area created by the pass proceeds west, three separate, distinct, valleys form, stemming out in a west/south-west direction - hence the name, Three Valleys. Various roads run through these valleys, the northernmost route leading to Msta and the southernmost route leading to Tulga.

On the coast, just east of the entrance to Three Valleys, lies a small hamlet of 3 houses along with a small pier.

Three Valleys is perhaps one of the most scenic areas in all of South Zagoria. Due to the height of the mountains that form the area and the open view provided by a relative lack of trees, great views in nearly every direction are possible.

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