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Tishina Dam (Russian: Плотина Тишина, Plotina Tishina, translated as "Silence Dam") is a large dam found in the western portion of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Probably constructed sometime after the other two hydro-electric dams (Pobeda Dam and Topolka Dam)[1], Tishina Dam is huge by comparison. The Calm River flows down from the north, through the large reservoir and passes through the dam, before continuing south until it reaches the sea in Calm Bay - it is most likely the current provided by this river that generated much of the electricity at the facility. This electricity is then carried along a VHV line to the sub-station at Zelenogorsk, where it is then further distributed to Vysotovo, Elektrozavodsk and Berezino.

Tishina Dam holds strategic value due to the fact it is one of three road bridges to the extreme western area of the map, making it an ideal area to control if you are a group with a base in the extreme west and want to secure convenient vehicular access.

To the north, on the banks of the reservoir created by the dam, is Summer Camp Metallurgist, presumably operated by the TEC corporation - it is one of the largest of its kind in South Zagoria, consisting of a lodge and 14 camp houses.

Due to the area's proximity to both Summer Camp Metallurgist and Myshkino Military Camp, survivors should be weary of the presence of others in the area with similar intentions to themselves.

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