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Tisy Military Base is a large military facility located atop Vidy in the foothills of the Black Mountains, approximately 4km south of the Russian border, in the extreme north of the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria. The base gets its name from the small village of Tisy situated roughly 1.6km to the north-east.

History[ | ]

Pre-Outbreak[ | ]

Tisy Military Base was constructed under Soviet rule initially as a surface-to-air missile and radar base, as evidenced by the large radar building and various mobile radar platforms. [1]

The facility, like all other military installations in South Zagoria, was inherited by the Chernarussian Defence Forces upon the dissolution of the USSR.[2]

Post-Outbreak[ | ]

During the Outbreak, the base was the site of the last stand of the CDF and AN against the infected in South Zagoria. The base's facilities were seemingly enhanced with a huge military camp in the forest south of the main installation, presumably to accommodate additional military assets sent to the region in response to the outbreak. Due to the collapse of organised military resistance in the region, Tisy Military Base is entirely overrun with infected, with various buildings in the base, such as the HQ, mess hall and radar building, succumbing to a general lack of maintenance.[1]

Layout[ | ]

Tisy Military Base can be split into ten distinct sections:

1) Main Entrance (East Entrance)
2) Firing Range
3) Barracks
4) Administration Area
5) Warehouses
6) Garages
7) Radar Platforms
8) Camp ("Tent City")
9) West Entrance
10) Radar Building

Main Entrance[ | ]

The main entrance to the installation is via an accessway on the eastern side of the base. It can be easily identified by a paved road running parallel to the perimeter fencing of the base, eventually branching off into the base itself gated by a small military guardhouse.

Firing Range[ | ]

The firing range constitutes a compound appended to the north of the base, consisting of a Quonset hut, regimental barracks and an industrial workshop; to the rear of the barracks is the range itself, approximately 500 metres long.

Barracks[ | ]

North of the main entrance lies a small yard, bracketed by four single-storey barracks, a Quonset hut and a workshop. In the centre of the yard is are a pair of military cargo containers, with an additional three to the north a short distance up the road to the firing range.

Administration Area[ | ]

Situated south of the main entrance is the administration area, comprised of a HQ building, military prison and mess hall. Adjoined to the exterior of the HQ building is a small extension that provides limited access to an underground bunker. To the rear of the HQ and prison are various industrial buildings.

Warehouses[ | ]

Found along to the west of the main entrance is the warehouse/industrial area, comprised of various garages, sheds, workshops and cargo containers.

Garages[ | ]

Directly to the south-west of the administration area are pair of tank garages and another single-storey barracks. Two large cooling units, their purpose unknown, can be found nearby.

Radar Platforms[ | ]

These large platforms are a distinct landmark within the facility, symbolising its previous role as a radar base. There are three of these platforms south of the garages, in addition to a small guardhouse.

Camp[ | ]

In the extreme south within the bounds of base lies a large military camp, most likely erected to aid military operations in response to the outbreak. A total of 17 tents, three fortified nests, six military cargo containers and two guard shacks can be found in the camp; a short distance to the north, where an incomplete stone-slab path intersects with the perimeter fence, is another Quonset hut.

West Entrance[ | ]

The west entrance is a small fenced-off compound comprised of a workshop, an industrial office building and a guard shed. Notably, this small compound hosts a substation that is the nucleus of the North-West power line, completely separate from all other power line networks in the region - this can be a useful navigational aid for survivors seeking to reliably travel east/west.

Radar Building[ | ]

Separated from the rest of the base by a thick forest of birch trees, the radar building is the only one of its type in the South Zagoria region. The building is in a general state of disrepair and has presumably been abandoned for some time; it has some of the most complex geometry of any building found in the region, with it being particularly advisable to watch your step in the upper parts of the building for sheer drops down to lower levels.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Tisy is based-off of a real life surface to air missile & radar base built by the Communist Czechoslovakian government during the Cold War. It had missiles that would launch from the complex as well as bring down incoming missiles from the opposing western countries; the base's name in the real world is "Dobříš" or known by its nickname "Klondike"[3].
  • Despite the bunker being rather small in game, one small room contains an unopenable door and the base has numerous air vent and cooling structures spread around the HQ and Mess Hall area, suggesting the bunker is far more expansive than depicted.

References[ | ]