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Topolka Dam (Russian: Плотина Тополька, Plotina Topolka, translated as "Poplar Dam") is a medium-sized hydro-electric dam located to the north of Elektrozavodsk.

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Topolka Dam was constructed in the 1970s under Soviet rule to address the insufficient electricity supply reaching South Zagoria from the rest of the Chernarus to the west.[1] Much of the power generated here would have been distributed throughout the southern and central areas of South Zagoria, using the electricity infrastructure that originates from the large regional power plant found in Elektrozavodsk.

To the south of the dam lies Kometa, a small recreational camp, and to the north near the junction leading to Staroye is a small military checkpoint. Aside from these two areas, Topolka Dam offers little more than nice scenery.

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