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Trail Shoes
Low Hiking Boots - Blue.png
Category Clothing > Shoes
Inventory Slot Feet
Size 4x3 (12 Slots)
Hotbar Bonus 0 Slot(s)
Weight 270 g
Absorbency 49%
Durability 120
Repairable With Leather Sewing Kit
Insulation Medium (0.5)
Projectile Melee Infected
Health 1 0.9 0.9
Blood 1 0.9 0.9
Shock 1 0.9 0.9
Locations Civilian, Camping
Rarity Uncommon
Variants Beige, Black, Blue, Grey
Versatile boots, with their design making them the middle ground between hiking boots and athletic shoes.
~ In-game description

The Trail Shoes are closer to sneakers than their full-sized equivalent. While they offer many of the benefits of hiking boots, they have many drawbacks of athletic shoes and other such consumer grade foot coverings.



  • The logo on the side of the Trail Shoes bear a resemblance to the Nike logo.