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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Tulga. Tulga is a small village north-west of Cape Krutoy and north-east of Kamyshovo.

General[ | ]

Relatively isolated by the mountains that surround it, Tulga can become a dangerous place to remain if you do not have any supplies due to its remoteness from other towns. Tulga contains a few houses but also has a deer stand. One of the benefits of this town is a water pump at the eastern edge.

Due to its isolation, and lack of resources. Tulga and the woods surrounding it are some of least frequented areas in the entire game. Encountering other survivors here is unlikely. The most common person to see in Tulga are fresh spawns but due to the town being very small and having minimal resources, they won't stay long.

Gallery[ | ]

Gallery (0.60 & 0.61)[ | ]

As part of the 0.60 update Tulga was redesigned entirely, becoming a seaside ski resort town for tourists rather than a cozy little village. These changes were reversed in the 0.62 update, restoring the town to its former layout.