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Named After a Person (Turov)
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CategoryTowns and Cities
Grid Reference135 012
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A View of Turovo
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Turovo is an indusrial village located between Novodmitrovsk and Svetloyarsk on the northeastern end of Chernarus.


Turovo's roads form a bypass, connecting the coastal cities to the smaller villages of Karmanovka, Dobroe, Berezhki, and Belaya Polana.

The town itself is unique among a small crowd due to having its own centrally-located lake with some commercial facilities and a handful of houses. Loot here is decidedly average, but the town is a beautiful spot tucked into the mountains of the north.

An evacuation site is located at the junction to the south of town.


  • A lone military prison was once located near to where the factory resides in the northern end of the village - it has since been replaced with ruins.
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