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Turovskiy Pass (Russian: Туровский Перевал, Turovskiy Pereval) is a large hill pass in northern South Zagoria opening onto the village of Turovo, with which the pass presumably shares some etymology.

General[ | ]

Turovskiy Pass embodies all the features of a stereotypical hill pass, formed by a long narrow valley between two prominent ridges - Khrebet ridge to the south and another, unnamed, ridge to the north, south of Belaya Polyana. The pass allows for easy passage between Turovo and Berezhki, a small coastal fishing village north of the Sharp Rocks formation, as well as to the radio tower atop Khrebet. Various sheds and barns can be found along the length of the pass, in addition to clusters of hay bales potentially giving growth to mushrooms.

A survivor travelling up the pass directly will be extremely exposed from nearly all angles, yet some may decide to do so for the best scenery.

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