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The Underground Bunker is an underground structure found in Dambog, which can only be accessed using a Punched Card.

Overview[ | ]

The Underground Bunker is a large and complex structure containing many rooms and floors, with three main levels. There are two entrances to the bunker -- both requiring use of a punched card to enter from the outside. These entrances can also be opened without a punched card from the inside. At least two people are required to fully explore and loot the bunker.

Entering the Bunker[ | ]

Before entering the bunker, one punched card is needed. When using the punched card at the card reader, the punched card will have its condition degraded by one level.

There are two entrances to the bunker: the main bunker door to the east and a smaller metal door found underneath a Military Control Tower to the west. The main bunker door can be opened and accessed by a single person using the punch card reader next to the door whereas the tower entrance requires at least two people to open and access it from the outside.

To access the bunker at the tower entrance, one person must activate the punch card reader at the top of the tower while another must wait at the bunker door at the bottom. After the card has been used, the bottom door will open, allowing the person near it to enter and gain control of the inside door switch. This switch can be activated freely unlike the outer switches.

When opening the main bunker door, a siren will start blaring, alerting survivors around the area, and flashing a red light that can be seen from far away. This door will stay open for 5 minutes and will close on its own afterwards. The tower entrance on the other hand is much quieter and lacks flashing lights, but will remain open for only 10 seconds.

Inside the Bunker[ | ]

An external light source, such as a Gas Lamp or Head Torch, is highly recommended when exploring the inside of the bunker as it is pitch dark.

The bunker's loot system is unique in that each level has it's own loot tier designation rather than using the general area's loot tier designation to determine what items may spawn. Level one contains tier 1 military loot, level two contains tier 2 military loot, and level three contains tier 3 military loot. In addition to the generic military loot spawns, loot unique to the bunker may also be found, such as Hannah's Hunter Backpack. Therefore, in order to obtain the best loot possible, reaching level three is required.

The first level contains the most rooms and floors out of the three. The main floor of level one contains various large rooms; one workshop room, one barracks, and multiple storage rooms containing PO-X Vials and ammo. This level mostly contains military loot. Hannah's Hunter Backpack variant can be found here.

The second level contains three main rooms; one research lab, one hospital, and one detention room containing multiple human-holding cages. Most loot found here is medical with some military, however most notably are the green and black Plate Carrier variants (with corresponding attachment variants attached), KA-101, and possibly Hannah's Hunter Backpack.

The third level contains only one main room which is primarily full of PO-X Vials. Additionally, one or two Tactical Helmets with Night Vision Goggles attached spawn here, along with an AUR AX.

Water Puzzle[ | ]

The first level contains two valves that control the water level within the pipe system. The water level must be manipulated in order to access levels two and three. The blue valve lowers the water level while the red valve raises the water level.

Livonia Bunker Valves

Water Valve Room

In order to enter the second level, the water level must be lowered. This allows access to the ladder in the pipe system leading up to level two. However, the water level will gradually rise back up, meaning it is possible to become trapped or even drown while traversing the pipe system.

After the water level has been completely lowered, it will remain this way for about 3 minutes. Once the water level begins rising back up, the pipe system will become completely submerged within about 2 minutes. The water will return to its default level after an additional 5 minutes. This leaves solo survivors roughly 4-5 minutes to climb down the ladder to the pipe, climb up the ladder to level two, explore and loot, and return safely. Because of this short time window, solo explorers should use Epinephrine Auto-Injectors to run through the level as fast as possible.

Livonia Bunker Water Lowered

Water level lowered

To get to the third level, one survivor must be controlling the water level using both valves. They need to first lower the water level, then raise it once other survivor(s) are underneath the ladder leading to level three. The survivor at the valves must then raise the water level using the red valve to allow the other(s) to reach the ladder. It is not possible to reach level three alone as the default water level is not high enough to reach the broken ladder. Once the third level has been looted, the water should be lowered once the other(s) are back in the water as falling down from the bottom of the latter can be deadly.

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Notes[ | ]

  • No Infected spawn inside the bunker, making it safe to explore when empty.
  • Skeletal remains can be found at the top of the ladder leading to the second level.