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Unfortunately I did not originally create that page. It has been that way since the Standalone was released, I believed. My only edits to the page have been to correct misinformation and to add/change picture files. I would say that page could do with a major overhaul if you are so inclined, because I agree that its current layout does not make the most sense. --Tatanko (talk) 20:09, 27 September 2014 (UTC)

I'm not entirely sure how many levels of sick have been implemented in the Standalone to-date. I believe at least yellow and orange, but I'm not sure about red. I never get sick when I play, and I haven't ever gone out of my way to test it deliberately. I can certainly consider it in the name of taking some good screenshots to use, though! I also need to grab one for hypothermia yet as well, and that should be fairly easy to do. --Tatanko (talk) 01:12, 2 October 2014 (UTC)

I'd appreciate if you can manage it. In the meanwhile I put up some poor quality placeholders so they don't mess up the layouts i working with. --AnotherArk (talk) 16:14, 3 October 2014 (UTC)

is brain flu realy a thing in dayz or did you just copy that from another wiki?--TheBlackDracula (talk)

For the most part I used info from videos\slides, Dayz med manual, DayzDB to gather all the info. IMO its more comprehensive\informative than what we have right now(although maybe not as pretty), but its possible that few mistakes slipped through, which is why it is still parked at my sandbox. Do you know if/how this info can be confirmed vs current Dayz build? (I can read something comparable to LUA) --AnotherArk (talk) 14:02, 5 October 2014 (UTC)
a good start would be the changelog, ingame footage or quotes from the developers. maybe also info from the data files, but thats not my cup of tea--TheBlackDracula (talk)

pls rewrite the text on DayZ standalone. simply copying text from other websites can get you in trouble--TheBlackDracula (talk)

No it is not. My note is sufficient to satisfy CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 conditions that both our mediawiki projects use. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to add the "wikipidea" template in the ref section i.e. that small box with "this page use content from..." or something similar, although I have never found it to be useful, after few changes it become a useless uninformative relic, my way specifically note the when\what\where. --AnotherArk (talk) 23:44, 5 October 2014 (UTC)
you can still get in trouble with me. copypasting text like this doesnt help in creating a pleasant article, but instead only a collection of incoherent phrases. not that we have literature geniuses in this wiki, but you can at least try--TheBlackDracula (talk)
If you are suggesting that wikipedia gameplay section is incoherent we will have to disagree. Additionally, it provide a basic\necessary gameplay summary\links that were missing up until now. As for its literature value, luckily it is a collaborative effort, so if you can contribute on that front to make a pleasant article it will be appreciated.--AnotherArk (talk) 13:16, 6 October 2014 (UTC)
the dayz wiki article will be incoherent if you only copypaste text passages--TheBlackDracula (talk)
When\If it becomes incoherent or not up to your literary standards, please help out by using the edit function. As it was, the DayZ SA article has been incomplete and generally uninformative to anyone who wasn't already familiar with the subject, and copying\attribution of the info from Wikipedia is an improvement, and save time for those of us who don't have a lot of time to reinvent the wheel. Obviously it might need some massaging to reflect our content, extended scope or even brought up to higher standards. Again don't forget that this a collaborative effort and we all have our functions, I gather that English is your first language and your strive for high literature level, this is highly valued and I encourage you to go about and make use of those skills. --AnotherArk (talk) 16:59, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

status effects[]

  1. your template has a variable (cell)width. a constant would be better (70% of the display or something?)
  2. the major headlines should be single words or phrases (example: Injuries instead of Broken\Fractured\Injured Limbs)
  3. blood, injuries and pain can all be under the headline injuries, thermias under temperature, sick under sickness, hunger/thirst under energy
  4. the pictures should all be from the same game version (=same font), but that could be resolved later
  5. every status effect should use the template including pain, heart attack etc
  6. exclude the healing effect from the page or include the data from natural regeneration (i would prefer the first one, but we never had a consensus on this in the wiki)
  7. treatments should be highlighted (simply minor headlines in bold) or included into the template
  8. symptoms are not (only) the messages but also screnn saturation, sounds etc. you should in general differentiate between the normal text and the template information. the text doesnt need to be nearly the same structure as the template. better expand the template and write normal block text.
  9. the headlines in the template should all be the same and visible in everyone, regardless if theres info to fill in or not.

--TheBlackDracula (talk)

are you still working on this?--TheBlackDracula (talk)

I am, but i'll need more than few minutes here and there that I can steal during work, without the public wifi i am leaching on acting up (if you want you can move this to the Health WIP and help me with it) anyway here few thoughts on the matter:
2,3: Ideally yes, but this not as simple as that. The headers were named after the ingame statuses, to make it easier to locate what you want. Hence why Food\Chemical poisoning and infection are under 'sick'.
So when you suggest something like placing "hunger/thirst under energy" - you should be aware that there is no 'energy' status, only character statistic under that name, associated only with Hunger, which could be confusing.
Here is rough estimate of what I thought to use: (although i think that there should be a "toc"-like in front of it with the actual status names)
* Thirst
* Hunger 
* Stuffed 

* Bleeding\Blood loss 
* limbs (Broken\Fracture\..)
* Pain
* Shock
* Unconscious

* Chemical poisoning
* Food poisoning
* Infected
5 - That what I started with, as you can in my first attempt misleadingly titled as 'Status Effects 2'. Usually using a consistent layout makes it easier to maintain and more pleasing to the eye, however, once I had a full list of all the conditions it felt unmanageable. Personally, I prefer something along the current system i.e. plain text description of the condition and treatment, followed by (collapsed?) technical summary of its stages and ingame indicators i.e. statuses, messages, specific effects.
--AnotherArk (talk) 22:00, 17 October 2014 (UTC)

Template documentation[]

Nice work with the templates. It's a far more elegant solution than mine :) I'm about to change the other templates to match yours. Is there a reason you have left this

{{Medical Template
|img= AlpherPlaceholder.png <!-- Insert just the filename -->
|category= Unknown
|capacity=  <!-- If you can put something in it -->
|content=  <!-- If it has something in it -->
|stacklimit= <!-- Only if stackable -->
|uses=  <!-- How often can you use it if it is full -->

in the documentation of the medical template bellow the table although the Empty template below seems to be the right and complete template? --RocknRolla7 (talk) 22:23, 2 January 2015 (UTC)