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This location does not feature in either ChernarusPlus or Enoch (Livonia Terrain) and is only referenced by in-game maps, road signs and items.

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Note: this article covers Utes in the context of DayZ Standalone - for information regarding the original Arma 2 terrain, see Utes (Terrain).

Utes is a small island chain in the Green Sea south of Skalisty - it is not within the playable area of South Zagoria

Trivia[ | ]

  • Utes is available as the terrain sample in the DayZ Sample package.
  • The island of Utes was originally intended to be a part of the new Chernarus+ map, as showcased in the February 5, 2013, Devblog; it was removed sometime prior to DayZ's early access release in December 2013. Below are screenshots from said video showing the island and it's location in relation to Skalisty Island.