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Veresnik Military Base, also known as Vybor Military Base or Dichina Military Base, is a small military complex located in the central region of Zagorie, at the base of Veresnik on the vast Dichina plain south-east of Vybor.

General[ | ]

Situated in the shadow of Veresnik, from which the facility has derived its name, Veresnik Military Base can be easily identified using a combination of its unique surroundings (situated at the base of a hill on a vast plain) and unique triangular perimeter wall. The base is served by two unpaved tracks from the east (near Pustoshka) and west (near Kabanino). The base is particularly exposed from the north and east near Kabanino, while a small treeline hides the base from view when looking from the west near Vybor. A small gulley is formed by a stream running from the perimeter of the base to the west under Vybor bridge, providing some concealment should survivors wish to approach the base from this direction.

Despite being one of the smallest and most compact military bases in the region, the site is host to six barracks, a military prison and a guardhouse, making the installation a lucrative target for survivors passing through the area.

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