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Verkhnaya Dubrovka
Верхняя Дубровка
"Upper Oak Forest"
VyshnayaDubrovka map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Grid Reference099 049
VyshnayaDubrovka 8b.jpg
A View of Verkhnaya Dubrovka
Hd sign verkhnaya dubrovka.png

Verkhnaya Dubrovka, previously Vyshnaya Dubrovka, is a small village north of Dubrovka.


Though it may seem small, there are other towns in the game perhaps even smaller than this one. The tiny town is roughly a 1km walk from its "parent" town if you head south. It includes many residential buildings and a water pump. It is a good stopping point for travelers heading inland from the eastern coast.



  • There were two watchtowers in the opening field in the forest west of the town. It is unknown why these were placed here. One tower can be climbed, the other is ruined (for those interested, they can be found in the original Chernarus map from ArmA II).
  • As of 1.0, the village has been renamed Verkhnaya Dubrovka, as can be seen on the in-game map and tourist maps displayed throughout Chernarus. However, the road signs still display "ВЫШНАЯ ДУБРОВКА" (Vyshnaya Dubrovka), the old name of the town.