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Vidy (Russian: Виды, translated as "Views"), also known as the Wild Plateau, is a large plateau situated in the extreme north-west of South Zagoria. Consistently ranging between 400 and 500 metres of elevation, it is the largest area of elevated land in the game.

General[ | ]

Vidy hosts the notorious and remote Tisy Military Base within its thick forests of pine and birch trees. New Fields and Deep Lake can be found adjoining the northern treeline of the plateau. Very few roads lead up to the plateau, with those that do often terminating at the military base. Due to this, survivors who wish to explore the more remote areas of the plateau will need to go far out of their way to do. The area is approximately 4km from the Russian Border.

Bears and packs of wolves can be found roaming in the general area; this, combined with anxious heavily-armed survivors transiting the area to find coveted high-tier military loot, means that an unsuspecting survivor taking a trip through Vidy may die just as easily in the wilderness compared to the military base itself.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Prior to being named Vidy, the area was known by the moniker "Wild Plateau"; this convention was based off an unused map found in the game files. With the advent of 1.0, the location received its current name.