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The Village Police Station is an important structure in DayZ.

General[ | ]

This smaller variant of the two police station types (See: City Police Station) is located around the numerous town and villages in both Chernarus and Livonia. These buildings contain offices and accommodation for personnel and vehicles, along with locker rooms, temporary holding cells and interrogation rooms.

These stations will spawn considerable police loot throughout its many rooms, including medium-tier firearms such as the CR75, the IJ-70, and the CR-61 Skorpion. Because of this, coastal Police Stations are often visited by freshly spawned Survivors who are looking for a weapon and ammo to defend themselves, which makes Police Stations a frequent target for Bandits who are sniping visitors from nearby rooftops and hills.

In some locations, dynamic police cars may be found near these stations that may contain basic medical and police supplies in their general vicinity.

History[ | ]

Prior to the outbreak, these stations were used as outposts across the region for documenting (and temporarily detaining) criminals. With the downfall of the government and their institutions devoted to defending the populace, these buildings contain only bare desks and abandoned cells.

Locations[ | ]

There are many locations across the map where one might find one of these village police stations. Below, these are marked with a blue circle with a white star.

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