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Voron (Russian: Ворон, translated as "Crow") is a castle ruin found on the north coast of Skalisty Island, off the coast of Cape Krutoy in the extreme south-east of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Perched atop the island's highest point, Voron would have held immense strategic value, with its elevation providing a commanding position over the eastern approaches to Green Bay via Skalisty Strait. Appart from this inference, nothing else is known of the castle's construction or military history.

The ruin itself consists of a central building encapsulated by a large stone wall - notable by thier absence are the iconic Bergfried-style towers present at most other castle ruins, perhaps suggesting that Voron is older than most other castles in the province.

The presence of kiosks and a pub suggests that the site was a significant tourist attraction, perhaps being the the primary reason mainlanders would've considered visiting the remote island. Voron continues to encourage travel to Skalisty post-outbreak, with many survivors scavenging the ruins for useful hunting and residential equipment.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Voron was added during the redevelopment of the rest of Skalisty Island; prior to its addition, a mere forested hill is all that sat where the ruin now stands.
  • Two more ruins can be found further to the south: a large ruin near the village of Skalisty and two smaller ruins on the southern coast.