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CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
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A View of Vybor
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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Vybor.

Vybor is a small village in the northwest. It is popular because of its proximity to Vybor Air Base.


The town is found southwest of the large military base, which is located on a large plain between there and Kabanino. The town of Vybor contains a large tower in the northeastern district which offers a clear view of the military base. It is advised that any player intending to loot the base checks Vybor for snipers. There are also an office building, police station, medical center and supermarket that contain good low to medium loot.

Vybor is also home to the Bardak Vodka Distillery which has a few lootable buildings of its own.

Buildings of Interest[]



  • Vybor in real life is the name of few villages in Russia.
  • The bridge outside town was once the default "debug" spawn location in DayZ Standalone, where players are placed in the event of something going wrong upon logging in to a server. This would spawn the player with full health stats but completely naked. This is in contrast to the Debug Forest for the Mod.