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The walkietalkie found in DayZ.
Required slots: 2
Purpose: Unknown
Location(s): • Fire stations
Rarity: Uncommon

The walkie-talkie is a device in DayZ.

The walkie-talkie occupies two inventory slots and can be found in military buildings at the north-west airfield, as well as numerous fire stations. Walkie-talkies are used by survivors to communicate over short distances.


  • 87.8 FM
  • 89.5 FM
  • 91.3 FM
  • 91.9 FM
  • 94.6 FM
  • 96.6 FM
  • 99.7 FM
  • 102.5 FM

How to use it:

  • Attach 9v batt to transmitter.
  • Right mouse button on transmitter > Select the frequency you want to talk on. (Pressing next or prev)
  • Right mouse button on transmitter > Press ON on selected frequency.
  • Press “comma” or “colon” on your keyboard in game to change your “direct communication” to “radio frequency” what you selected before.
  • Press “caps lock” to talk with other people on the same frequency.

Source: Dayz Standalone: Walkie-Talkie & Transmitter Guide

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WalkieTalkie An walkietalkie in pristine condition.

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