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Water Pumps or Wells are structures used to extract fresh water from a well. The only constant source of clean water in Chernarus, these pumps are commonly found within towns, cities, and villages.

General[ | ]

WaterPump Yellow 1a

A small water pump.

These pumps are found primarily in built-up areas, with many larger cities bearing more than one. The pump itself is a hand-operated reciprocating pump, which is used to dispense water from its spigot as a secondary source to that of conventional mains water, and comes in a large and small variant - identical in function. These pumps can dispense an infinite amount of water, and never run out, similar to that of ponds with the exception that its water is always clean. Within settlements, pumps are often located more centrally, adjacing a main road or in a cleared space. These wells are not only found in cities, but can also be found in some local areas and at summer camps.

Assorted village loot items can also be found scattered around the concrete foundation of the pump.

Functions[ | ]

WaterPump Blue 1b

A Survivor filling a cooking pot from the pump.

There are multiple functions that the water pump serves. These are:

  • Drinking: Interact with the water pump to drink directly from it at a rate of 65ml of water per action. This is a continuous action, so your character will continue to drink in the crouching stance until the interact key is released. Drinking too much water at once will result in the character becoming stuffed.
Poison WARNING: Drinking water with unclean or bloodied hands can lead to the contraction of Cholera.
  • Filling Containers: With a water-compatible container in-hand, you can fill it up from the pump. Filling up a container and then drinking it tends to be faster than manually sipping from the pump.
  • Washing Hands: With empty hands, interact with the water pump to wash them of any blood or contaminants that may cause you to fall ill. This can only be done if your hands are unclean in the first place.

Trivia[ | ]

  • As of 1.07, the drinking animation is continuous and does not require constant re-interaction.

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