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Water purification tablets
The Water purification tablets found in DayZ.
The Water purification tablets found in DayZ.
Category ConsumablesMedical supplies
Required slots 1 (1 x 1)
Location(s) Medical

First aid kits

Rarity Uncommon
Melee range {{{melee range}}}
Swing time {{{swing time}}}
Class name(s) medical_purificationtablets
Uses 10
Absorbency 70%
Often used to disinfect potentially unsafe water from common water-borne diseases. Uses hypochlorous acid for a safe and palatable result. One tablet per bottle.

Water purification tablets are a type of medical supply item used to decontaminate water in DayZ.

Water purification tablets are added to a full waterbottle or canteen to cleanse or "purify" the contents of any potential water-borne diseases so that it is safe for human consumption. They occupy one inventory slot and can be commonly found in residential loot spawns and hospitals.

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180px A water purification tablets in pristine condition.