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This page is intended to be a reference for weapon infobox or description data. Lists of specific characteristics, their associated descriptor and what that translates to can be found here. All data listed here is taken directly from the DayZ Standalone game files.

After unpacking the DayZ Standalone game files, every melee weapon, ranged weapon, explosive, attachment, magazine and ammunition config file can be found in: Addons\DZ\weapons.

Definitions[ | ]

Reference: Config/config file
Definition: DayZ configuration file that defines an item, mechanic, stat, etc. The file name for almost every item is config.cpp
Notes: The game files need to be unpacked before you can access them. Items are primarily in the Addons folder. Core game & mechanics are primarily in the dta folder.
Config Variable: discreteDistance[]
Definition: Set of numbers defining the "zeroing" ranges (in meters) of a weapon or scope.
Notes: An example of this would be {100, 200, 300}. Indicating the weapon/scope can be "zeroed" to 100 m, 200 m or 300 m.

Ranged Weapons[ | ]

Internal Magazine[ | ]

Displayed Value:
Config Variable(s):

Fire Modes[ | ]

Displayed Value: Fire Mode(s)
Definition: How the firearm's action cycles.
Config Variable(s): modes[]

Wiki Descriptor Definition CfgWeapons Definition Example(s)
Full Auto Automatic or fully-automatic firearms cycle the bolt automatically and continue to fire as long as the trigger is held down. FullAuto KA-M, SG5-K
Semi Auto Semi-automatic firearms fire a single round and automatically cycle the fire mechanism every time the trigger is pulled. SemiAuto FX-45, VSD
Burst In DayZ SA, burst weapons are rifles or shotguns with two barrels that can be fired simultaneously. Burst M16-A2
Single Single fire/manual action firearms require the fire mechanism to be manually cycled after each shot. Single Mosin 91/30, BK-133

Range[ | ]

Displayed Value: Distance (meters)
Definition: Average effective distance a player can use the weapon to do lethal/near-lethal damage consistently.

Item Config Variables Used
Weapon discreteDistance[], chamberableFrom[], dispersion
Cartridge initSpeed, airFriction, Damage Applied

This is a general effective distance of a ranged weapon based primarily on the cartridge. Default weapon zeroing, and dispersion is also taken into account, but primarily the initial speed and air friction of the round used. This is not necessarily the average lethal range of the weapon as that is usually much different and almost completely dependent on the cartridge.

Rate of Fire[ | ]

Displayed Value: Approximate number of rounds fired (per minute)
Definition: Rate of Fire is the approximate frequency at which a weapon can fire a round while in FullAuto.
Config Variable(s): reloadTime

The CfgWeapon value (e.g. 0.067, 0.0075) is the delay, in seconds, between each shot.[1]

Wiki Descriptor CfgWeapons Definition Example(s)
~900 rounds/min 0.067 CR-61, SG5-K
~800 rounds/min 0.0075 M4-A1
~600 rounds/min 0.1 USG-45, KA-M

Note: While the SemiAuto fire mode also has a reload time value, it is the same across all weapons. So, only Full Auto is listed on the wiki

Dexterity[ | ]

Displayed Value: Weapon Dexterity (Speed relative to other weapons:[Very Fast, Fast, Average, Slow, Very Slow])
Definition: How quickly a player can swing the raised weapon left or right.
Config Variable(s): dexterity[2]

Wiki Descriptor/CfgWeapons Definition Relative Speed Example
3.5 and Above Very Fast IJ-70
3.2 - 3.4 Fast CR-61
2.9 - 3.1 Average M4-A1
2.6 - 2.8 Slow CR-527
2.5 and Below Very Slow Mosin 91/30

Recoil[ | ]

Displayed Value: Recoil strength relative to other weapons:[Low, Average/Normal, Strong])
Definition: Currently a placeholder
Config Variable(s): recoil_weaponName[]

Noise[ | ]

Displayed Value: "Standardized" noise level relative to other weapons:[1 - 5])
Config Variable(s): begin1[]

Zeroing[ | ]

Displayed Value:
Config Variable(s):

Location[ | ]

Displayed Value:
Config Variable(s):

Rarity[ | ]

Displayed Value:
Config Variable(s):

References[ | ]

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