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Weapon Sound or more commonly known as Sound Propagation, is the way gun shots travel through the map in DayZ Standalone.


Weapon Sounds are the sounds that guns make when you fire a shot. As the distance increases, the gunshot loses energy and will therefore also reduce in loudness. There are 3 different sounds that the game blends together at certain distances, these distances are; between 0m-50m, 50m-250m and 250m-3400m.
Unsuppressed shots have a max range of 3400m and suppressed shots have a range of 200m or 250m, depending on what gun you use.

The environment is also a factor on how the gun shot sounds, there are 4 different environments are; Open fields, Forests, Urban cities and Indoors.

More Info: Look at the video below for more info in the subject


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