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Wound Infection
Disease Icon
Type Disease
Symptoms Vision blurring, pain, fatigue, fever, water loss, health loss

Treating a bleeding wound with non-disinfected item,

letting a bleed heal on its own.
Prevention Treat wounds with disinfected items

Stage 1: Disinfectant Spray, Iodine Tincture, Alcoholic Tincture

Stage 2: Tetracycline Pills,

Wound Infection is a disease in DayZ. It has a varying chance of occurring when you allow a wound to self-heal, which takes 5 minutes, or use rags, bandages, bandanas or sewing kits that are not disinfected. Once your wound gets infected, a bacteria icon shows up on the status bar immediately after the bleeding has stopped. Note that wound infections are a result of improper wound treatment; the actual cause of the bleeding is irrelevant.

Probability of infection by the used method
Type Probability
Bandaging with unclean Bandage 5%
Bandaging with unclean Rags 15%
Bandaging with unclean Bandana 15%
Bandaging with unclean Sewing Kit 30%
Waiting 5 minutes to let
the bleeding stop by itself

Stage One[ | ]

During the first stage of the infection, your character will periodically make a sound of pain, the vision will blur, and your stamina will regenerate 50% slower. Stage one lasts for 20 minutes.

Stage Two[ | ]

During the second stage of the infection, you will make noticeably louder sounds of pain, the vision will blur more often, and your character will have a fever. In addition to stage one, stamina regeneration being another 50% slower, your hands will shake, you will lose additional 12 mL of water per minute, all while your health will drop 2.5 units every minute. This means that if you have full health, you will die within 40 minutes of reaching stage two, unless the infection gets cured.

Treatment[ | ]

As long as the survivor is still in stage one of the infection, it can be cured by disinfecting the wound using disinfectant spray, iodine or alcoholic tincture. In this stage, tetracycline has no effect on the disease.

In stage two, tetracycline pills are required. Curing will take 2-4 tetracyclines, depending on how early the treatment is started. During this stage, disinfecting wounds is still possible, but doing so will only temporarily prevent the infection from progressing further.

Prevention[ | ]

Make sure to disinfect your rags, bandages, bandanas, and sewing kits before using them to treat wounds. Whenever disinfected items get damaged, they will no longer be disinfected. To be sure, check for the Disinfected tag on them in your inventory.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This effect was added in the 1.13 update
  • Unlike with some diseases and illnesses, the survivor's immune system has no impact on the Wound Infection.