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"You have seized the throne and the empire. Woe! Woe to you who are crowned with the crown of the King in Yellow!" - Robert W. Chambers"
~ In-game unique Motorbike Helmet description

"You have seized the throne and the empire. Woe! Woe to you who are crowned with the crown of the King in Yellow!" - Robert W. Chambers"In-game unique Motorbike Helmet description

The Yellow King is the monikor given to an unknown male Survivor featured in DayZ promotional content, identified by his unique yellow scarred Motorbike Helmet in later appearances.

He is assumed to be a bandit which debuted in the Every Day is a New Story cinematic trailer, and has since become a primary antagonist in Hannah's story.

Biography[ | ]

Every Day is a New Story[ | ]

As Hannah explores a post-apocalyptic Chernarus in search of her male companion or relative, she is ambushed by two bandits, both donning motorcycle helmets - one in red, one in yellow.[1][2] The bandit wearing the yellow helmet finds and approaches Hannah as she inspects discarded loot in a Lunapark, raising his hand as a greeting wave. The red-helmet bandit turns a set of vehicle headlights onto Hannah, and shoots her in the leg with their rifle. Injured on the ground, Hannah is approached by the bandits, and the yellow-helmet bandit proceeds to slash and mark her face with a knife. The bandits take her backpack, and leave.

YellowKing mark

The bandit wearing a yellow helmet approaches Hannah.

The bandits are later walking into a town investigating the abandoned scenery, Hannah activates the town PA system and recites a passage relating to The Death of Koschei the Deathless. This supposedly enrages the bandits, and they begin to sweep houses to find Hannah. A radio playing a tape leads them to a room, where Hannah traps them inside with an Infected, enacting her revenge and recovering her possessions, and continuing her quest.

The search for something[ | ]

While the fates of the bandits are unknown, a survivor donning a scarred yellow motorcycle helmet resurfaced after the commencement of PO-X chemical mortar strikes across Chernarus and Livonia. This survivor had a large group of fellow survivors aligned with him, and subsequently began to hunt down other survivors, whilst on the search for something unknown.[2] This is notably seen in the murder of a lone Cowboy Hat-wearing survivor by his own hand[3] - and a bloody night raid on a heavily-fortified survivor camp by his group.[4]

The Secrets of Livonia[ | ]

YellowKing approach

The Yellow King approaching Hannah after the blast knocks her to the floor.

The Yellow King ultimately manages to track Hannah down to the abandoned Dambog underground ammunition storage and ambushed her with an EGD-5 Frag Grenade whilst she is retreiving an unknown item from a safe. The Yellow King approaches Hannah with a Combat Knife once more, but she stabs him in the side with her own and makes an escape. Whilst climbing up a ladder to leave, he grabs her by the backpack, but a loose strap causes him to fall a significant height with it. Wounded, Hannah escapes without her backpack, but the status of the mysterious item and the Yellow King is unknown.

The Next Frontier[ | ]


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The Yellow King is seen at a later date on an airstrip on Sakhal.

Appearance[ | ]

The Yellow King sports his custom scarred motorcycle helmet, a grey Tactical Shirt, black Plate Carrier (earlier a black Field Vest), black Tactical Gloves, black Cargo Pants and black Assault Boots.

In-game[ | ]

The Yellow King cannot be encountered in-game, however evidence can be found of his activities; including his signature helmet at Półkrabiec as a unique spawn, the aftermath of his grenade ambush inside the upper floors of the Dambog bunker, and previously 'King' graffiti over mine entrances across South Zagoria and the Topolin-Nadbór Region.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name "Yellow King" was first teased in September 2021's calendar image tweet.[5]
  • A hand-drawn crown and text saying "King" in yellow was present on the 1.14 Experimental Teaser map for Livonia, over Półkrabiec where the Yellow King variant Motorbike Helmet would later spawn when it was added.[6]
    • This crown and text was then added to all mine entrance models as graffiti nearly one year later, but was later removed.
  • In the Every Day is a New Story cinematic trailer, both the Yellow King and his fellow bandit wear unidentified Dubok/TTsKO winter jackets and commando rigs which are both not found in DayZ. This is due to the trailer being developed in Unreal Cinematic Editor with help from the Vigor team, another Bohemia Interactive title.[7] The particular assets were developed for Vigor by artist David Vacek, but they were never added to either title, only being used in the trailer and subsequent promotional images for Update 1.07 and 1.08.[8]

Gallery[ | ]

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