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The village of Zabolotye lies north of Bogatyrka and west of Lopatino.

General[ | ]

Zabolotye is a rural hamlet based in a field on a single dirt track. The small community, which is populated by five houses and a farm building, has fruit trees and a water pump that a passing survivor may find useful, but not much else.

To the west of Zabolotye is the western highway evacuation site, which contains considerable military equipment. This makes the village a passing place frequented by those heading towards the military encampment.

Its location atop a hill makes Zabolotye a fair vantage point, with views across the surrounding plains and Krona castle visible from its boundaries.

Directly to the east of the settlement is a small industrial complex with two miltiary cargo containers that contain considerable loot.

In addition, an Ada 4x4 can rarely be found sitting next to the water pump. Because of its remote location, it is a good spot to check while searching for vehicles.

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  • Zabolotye was implemented with the 0.63 update, alongside neighbouring village Bogatyrka.