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Zelenogorsk Military Base is an abandoned military facility appended to the south-west end of Zelenogorsk, in the west of the Chernarussian region of South Zagoria. The base is distinct among others in the region due its large railyard and urban surroundings.

General[ | ]

The military base in Zelenogorsk is perhaps the town's most prominent feature, dominating the lower quadrant of the settlement, attracting survivors of all types from afar. The entrance of the base, accessed via the Pavlovo-Zelenogorsk road near the fire station, can be easily identified by a small car park, a military guardhouse and temporary sandbag and camo netting fortifications erected in lieu of a functional wall - a concrete wall encapsulates the entire facility, but has deteriorated greatly since the site's abandonment, allowing for less obvious points of entry into the facility. This large and diverse facility can be partitioned into three distinct sections - a central yard, railyard, and maintenance area.

The central yard is easily accessed via the main entrance and is surrounded by a military prison and four single-story barracks. This area is host to the only permanent military structures in the base, predictably piquing the interest of many survivors.

Behind the prison lies the military railyard; accessed via a rampway off the adjoining central yard and maintenance areas, this area is host to most of the military cargo containers in the area, in addition to a Quonset hut and various industrial workshops. This area is often searched by survivors hoping to add to any loot found in the barracks of the upper central yard area of the base.

The least desirable of the three sections in terms of military loot is perhaps the maintenance area, consisting of a series of large garages and a corresponding garage office building; this area was presumably used to maintain the trucks transporting various cargoes to military sites throughout the region pre-outbreak.

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