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Zelenogorsk Pass (Russian: Зеленогорский Перевал, Zelenogorsk Pereval, translated as "Green Hill Pass") is a hill pass located in western South Zagoria, Chernarus, on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, the town from which it derives its name.

General[ | ]

Zelenogorsk Pass is formed by a depression between the Green Mountain and Kustryk, providing easy access to Zelenogorsk, Kozlovka and Drozhino from the rural villages of Pulkovo, Pogorevka and Rogovo. Also accessible via the pass is Green Mountain itself, with the road adjoining being one of only two routes leading up its peak and small military base.

The pass has mostly been cleared of vegetation, making it somewhat risky to travel directly up the pass. Also of note is the high-voltage electricity line cutting through the pass, which can be reliably followed to get to the Stary Sobor area.

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