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Zolotar (Russian: Золотарь, translated as "Goldsmith"), also known as the Black Mountain Castle, is a castle ruin situated at the summit of Black Mountain in the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Nothing is known of Zolotar's history; it can be speculated that the castle played a key role in the defence of Krasnostav, as its position atop Black Mountain would have granted it considerable leverage over access to the town via Klenovyi Pass (to the south) and the pass between Black Mountain and Ostry (to the west).

The ruins consist of a single Bergfried-style castle tower and a gateway. Zolotar lacks amenities typically associated with a site tailored towards tourists, such as the kiosks and pubs that can be found at other castles in the region. The only accessways to the castle are hiking trails from Klen, Krasnostav and Novy Lug; a hiking shelter is present on-site to provide respite for avid hikers. The castle is often visited by survivors intent on looting the site for survival gear or for scouting the surrounding area, using the vantage point provided by the castle's tower.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This castle was one of the original four from the original Chernarus map, the others being Devil's Castle, Rog and Zub. Unlike the others however, this castle was nameless, with the community often referring to it as the Black Mountain Castle - it was only with the advent of 0.63 that the castle was given a name.