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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod: Zub Castle.

Zub (Russian: Зуб , translated as "Tooth") is a castle ruin located in the central region of South Zagoria, directly south of Vyshnoye.

General[ | ]

Little is known of Zub's history, although it can be reasonably assumed that it was built by Duke Ivan Kozlov sometime around the 10/1100's. Despite being nearly a millennia old, the castle's tower and gateway remain standing; unlike some of the larger castles in the region, like Krona and Devil's Castle, the site is devoid of any tourist facilities and, despite a yellow hiking trail passing close by, lacks hiking shelters. Two houses, and potentially an Ada 4x4, can be found in close proximity no more than 200m to the south-east.

Given its central position, Zub serves as a landmark for survivors migrating from the south coast, via Nadezhdino to the south-west and Mogilevka to the south-east, to the Stary Sobor area to the north via Vyshnoye. Survivors may find an array of hunting and residential equipment inside the ruins, with the tower providing an excellent viewpoint from which to observe Vyshnoye before travelling further north.

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